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Bottega Del Vino - the Wine Matters, So Does the Glass
So Who is the Everyday Wine Guy?

The Everyday Wine Guy's mission is simple: to persuade you to let your hair down, so to
speak, when you're perusing the shelves of ye olde wine and spirits shoppe, or the menu at
your favorite hoity-toity restaurant. We have nothing against fancy dining establishments,
or sommeliers, but sometimes we feel the highly-educated experts don't quite connect with
patrons when it comes to selecting a wine.

For example, you've ordered a Porterhouse, but you don't like the suggested hearty red. We
say, order the white wine, or the cocktail, whatever you like, and pair it with the food you like.
If you prefer a robust zinfandel with s'mores, go right ahead. Go crazy, go wild, experiment!
Life is short; there are no wine police.
But if you are looking for guidance in selecting and
pairing wines, basic beverage information, or news about the wine or spirits industries, then
stay tuned. You've come to the right place.

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